Northern California Podcasting Network

What we do:

  • Remaster your audio using Auphonic

  • Publish and Host your show on the internet using Spreaker

  • Get your Podcast listed in iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, and TuneIn

  • Promote your show as a part of the Podifornia Network on iTunes, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and More

  • Loan out mics and gear

  • Teach you how to use everything

What you do:

  • Record your show however you choose (We’ll help if you need it!)

  • Talk your ass off

  • Promote your show like crazy! (We’ll show you how!)

  • Remember us when you hit the big time

  • Have Fun and Enjoy the Conversations

Join the Podifornia Network

If you are interested in joining the Podifornia Network text Phil at 707-292-5778

The point of the Podifornia Network is to share our resources to:

  • Cross promote our podcasts

  • Provide podcast hosting to network members

  • Purchase and share high-end equipment within the network

  • Share best practices

  • Buy ad time